Schulze Pollmann 118/PO BK Gloss pianino

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Grand pianos and upright pianos with a fine cabinetry and a great sound quality, granted by a state-of-the-art structural design.

This line includes a wide range of models, skillfully manufactured with high-quality components and with valuable specifications. The sound richness and depth are granted by the resonance of the German Röslau strings, by the prestigious Italian soundboards provided by Ciresa - Val di Fiemme and by the German hammers of highest quality supplied by Abel.

The acoustic outcome is excellent, obtained through a superior action which is regulated with maximum precision.

The pianos of the Studio Series are designed with classical forms, in various finishes and dimensions. They convey premium quality in every structural and aesthetic detail, along with enhanced natural sound and elegance. As a result, they are highly suitable for all types of users and locations: from students to pianists, in theatres, private schools and Conservatories.

M 118 - Upright Piano

Action: Renner
Hammer heads: Renner
Hammer wood: Hornbeam
Soundboard: Ciresa - Val di Fiemme
Soundboard ribs: Ciresa - Val di Fiemme
Tuning pins: Klinke
Strings steel / copper: Röslau / Degen
Pedals: 3
Lock System: Yes

Height: 118 cm (46,5'')
Width: 148 cm (58'')
Depth: 58 cm (23'')

The Heritage
Schulze Pollmann was formed in 1928 by the merger of two German piano builders that had moved to Italy. The founding partner, Paul Pollmann, worked for years with Ibach in Barmen and with Steinway & Sons in Hamburg before opening his own factory in Unna.

In 1923 the new factory was transferred to Turin; almost at the same time, another reputed piano builder from Germany, Schulze of Zwickau, moved to Bolzano in northern Italy.

The two companies merged in 1928 to create Schulze Pollmann, managed until 1942 by Paul Pollmann.

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