Piezo PickUp NG-1 KNA za klasičnu gitaru

Piezo PickUp NG-1 KNA za klasičnu gitaru

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NG-1 is the perfect nylon string guitar pickup choice for guitarists who need a piezo guitar pickup to amplify the natural sound of their instrument. It’s a classical guitar pickup that brings true nylon-string sound, and does it without installation that requires modification. Utilizing the tension of the strings, the guitar pickup design of NG-1 installs safely and securely on the classical or flamenco guitar tie block. NG-1 is a passive classical guitar piezo pickup system designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or preamp. A 1/8″ to 1/4″ cable is included.
• Weight: 3.8g. / 0.137oz
• Overall length: 74mm / 2.91″
• Height / jack housing: 9mm / 0.35″
• Length: 73mm / 2.87″
• Width: 9.6mm / 0.38″
• Thickness: 2mm ± 0.05mm 0.079″ ± 0.002″
• Wood: Mahogany
• Maximum Impedance: 500 ohm
• Cable: 3meter / 9′

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